This year my submissions seem to be bringing me luck, as I’ve just had my third story accepted for a literature website. Happy 2013! You can read about the three literature magazines and websites below.

Fixed – The Puffin Review – Issue 2 – Out soon.

The Puffin Review is a new online literature magazine that gives voice to new writers and journalists.

Soup – Nib Magazine

Nib is an online magazine that showcases short literary fiction and poetry. They run a series called Flash Friday featuring Flash Fiction pieces, alongside their regular literature magazine.

Dust of Ages – Weave Magazine Issue 9 – Due out July 2013

Weave is a biocoastal literary organisation and print publication. They regularly produce beautiful looking hard copy magazines.

27th January 2013

So I’ve recently taken over as General Editor for The Cadaverine which is very exciting. David Tait has worked as Editor for a few years with the magazine and is now running away to the other side of the world to teach English, which means I have been left with continuing the dirty task of bringing up the magazine and teaching it some manners.

The Cadaverine publishes good quality writing from under 30’s in the form of poetry and prose, and features some great reviews and articles. There is already a great team of editing staff working hard to keep the quality of publications high. Keep an eye on the website because soon it will have a whole new look and hopefully we’ll be expanding our projects off the site!

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