This is a place where you can read about what I’m up to, if you fancy.

Bad Language – Project Coordinator – A new writing collective based in Manchester coordinated by Joe Daly, Daniel Carpenter and Nici West. They run regular live literature events including open mic nights, live readings and a literature pub quiz. They publish a quarterly new writing anthology.

Bad Shoes – A collaboration between Bad Language and Shoe String Magazine. A one day arts festival based in Chorlton that showcased spoken word, music, arts and crafts. Included in the festival were workshops about writing from art, performance poetry and drawing.

Cadaverine General EditorAn Arts Council funded e-zine, independent press and writers’ group publishing and facilitating the best new writing from under 30s. I’m currently one of two Fiction Editors.

Litfest Festival Coordinator and Events and Marketing Office – Litfest is Lancaster’s annual literature festival and development agency that focuses on bringing great literature and stories in to the Lancaster landscape.

NALD second steps mentee – The National Association of Literature Development mentor project for literature activists looking to become literature professionals. I’m currently working with Maria de Souza from Off the Shelf Festival based in Sheffield, and will be looking to collaborate with Wordlife in Sheffield to create a cross city live literature event.

National Flash Fiction Day – Organised by Gumbo Press’s Calum Kerr, this will take place on Wednesday 16th May 2012 around the country. I was involved in coordinating an event for the day to celebrate the art of Flash Fiction.

Retale – A site specific literature project that took place on the 17th November 2011 in Jigsaw in Manchester based Triangle shopping center. Myself and five other writers read six fictional stories about working in customer service. Watch this space for news of future events.

There Was Nowhere To Go But Everywhere – An independent project which presents a platform for new writing. The blog is an ongoing project with the premise to write something new taking inspiration from writing which is currently showcased on the blog. Each new piece is linked to an old piece, creating a literature association game. The blog showcases new writing in the form of poetry, prose and creative non fiction.

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