Top Three Romantic Places to Write

I don’t know about you, but some days, when sitting at my desk to write is like falling through to a world full of distractions, I like to change it up a bit. I sit in another seat, curl up on the floor (with my laptop, not in the foetal position) or I go outside. Something about writing somewhere new, or somewhere that looks like a romantic spot to sit alone with my thoughts, works for me.

So where are my best places to write? I’ve compiled a list (if you can call it that) of what I think are the top three most romantic places to write. Your challenge is to go out and find places like them, take your favourite note book, and see what magical work you can come up with.

Romantic Place to Write #1 – On the Waterfront.


Sit with your legs as close to the water as you can get them, on a ledge where you can dangle your bare feet or on a patch of grass nearing the bank. I love to find a bit of solitude near water, though most places where there is an open area to sit next to water tend to be touristy. I find most inspiration when there is background noise and action but I am far enough away that I feel like I have a bit of privacy with my thoughts. Obviously this only works if it’s a nice day.

Romantic Place to Write #2 –  In the Woods.




Okay, this may sound a little creepy or fairy-tale like, but if you live near a peaceful, safe woods, then a nice fat tree stump and your pad and pen is all you need to get those juices flowing. I grew up a two-minute walk away from a safe Woods, and loved to find those wide open gaps of trees where I could perch at the edge of the opening, and day-dream for hours.

This is okay if the weather is not great, as long as you can find a big enough tree to sit under.

Romantic Place to Write #3 – On an empty train.

Empty Train


There’s nothing like the peace of an empty train juxtaposed with the noise of the wheels on the tracks to get my creative juices flowing. Though the train has to be empty, or as good as, for me to feel comfortable to write or I feel like people are peering over my shoulder (I’m not paranoid.) Especially when you know you have a long journey ahead of you, it can help force you to change that blank page, and time spent staring out the window is better than time spent on the internet. The weather doesn’t matter on this one.

So there you have it, my top three most romantic places to write. Most of the time I write on my desk in my own house, but this is where I like to run away to when I feel a little stuck with words. Where are your favourite places to write or to run away to when you feel the dreaded writer’s block?


About Nici West

Nici West currently lives in Manchester with her boyfriend and her two punk rocker guinea pigs. She recently graduated from Manchester University with an MA in Creative Writing and spends her time writing and working on writing projects. She wishes there were more guinea pigs in her life.
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One Response to Top Three Romantic Places to Write

  1. beccaaudra says:

    Train writing is good, just the sense of writing in motion is nice. I like writing in art galleries a lot. It’s nice to write in sunshine I think too. Kitchen window kind of sunshine, but that is quite specific! Just near a window is good, as if perspective is widened by it but also focused.

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