Birthday Cake

Yesterday saw the celebration of Bad Language’s first birthday in The Castle Hotel. The night was full of cake, readings and lots of lovely faces, old and new (to Bad Language, not in age).


My favourite moments of the night included: being sung happy birthday to, the amount of creepy/weird stories that were read, being covered in book confetti thanks to that Benjamin Judge, and the comedic collaboration of David Gaffney and Sarah Clare Conlon. Conlon read Gaffney’s stories whilst he tinkled a few tunes on a keyboard creating comedic pauses within the pieces.


Our fourth anthology, The Birthday Issue (aptly named), was also launched yesterday, and if you didn’t managed to get a copy you can pick one up from Incognition in Manchester, or e-mail Watch this space for other places to purchase.


As well as cake (did I mention there was cake?) the night saw readings from contribuitors from the book, including myself and the two other fellow Bad Languagers, Tom Mason, Sian Rathore, Anna Percy, Nija Dala, and Mercedes Fonseca, to name but a few. The night was rounded off with Calum Kerr, who travelled all the way up from Southampton to deliver his first headline slot for Bad Language.


On another exciting note, the night was filmed by the wonderful photographer/filmmaker Mr Innes, and will be edited into a five minute trailer of the birthday party. I’ll post it here once it’s ready.


I’ll leave you with this note…cake is for friends, not just for christmas.








About Nici West

Nici West currently lives in Manchester with her boyfriend and her two punk rocker guinea pigs. She recently graduated from Manchester University with an MA in Creative Writing and spends her time writing and working on writing projects. She wishes there were more guinea pigs in her life.
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One Response to Birthday Cake

  1. That’s not the cake we ate last night. That’s a secret cake! You have secret cake and you are ‘sharing’ it with a plastic dinosaur! I demand a slice of your secret cake!

    (also: Bad Language was very good last night)

    (also: Bad Language has been very good all year)

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